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The Lassen County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to endorse and be a sponsor the “2019 Rural-America Import/Export Expo”. The three day expo is planned for the end of June 2019. The event will highlight important import/export topics and create connections that can help to grow the ecomomy in small rural communites.

We are excited about the opportunity to coordinate this effort and applaud the dedication of our event committee members and the community in this innovative expo that will spotlight the need for growth in rural America. It is through the continued endeavors of these individuals that we ask others to join in to raise awareness of the resources available to rural communities across the United States in facing the problems surrounding growth and economic development.

We hope that you will consider supporting the 2019 Rural America Import/Export Expo and join in our efforts to increase awareness of the ecomonic possibilities for rural communities for economic growth and development in the areas of importing and exporting.


Patricia Hagata

Executive Director


July 13, 2018

It gives me great pleasure to support and endorse the Lassen County Chamber of Commerce’s Rural America Export/Import Expo that is scheduled for June 27-28, 2019 at Lassen Community College.

As the Economic and Workforce Development leader in our community, Lassen Community College is excited to host this event on our campus.  This is an excellent opportunity for rural Lassen County, rural California, and our nation as a whole.

With approximately 95% of potential customers living outside of the United States and 97% of the exporters being small businesses, this event represents a great opportunity for learning, sharing of information, networking, and developing new partnerships.

I am very appreciative of the efforts of our Lassen County Chamber of Commerce for their willingness to present and explore new opportunities in the Economic Development of Rural America.

Susanville looks forward to seeing you on June 27, 2019 at Lassen Community College.


Marlon R. Hall Sr., Ed.D


Lassen Community College


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